Used 09-12 BMW 4.4L Twin Turbo F01 750i Engine imported from Japan


This engine will fit the following Models:

09-12 BMW 4.4L 750i (RWD Twin Turbo) 

Note:Pictures are sample


This item (engine only) is a  High Quality Low Mileage Used Engine that was directly imported from Japan.  This
engine  has approximately 40,000 to 60,000 miles.  The Engine has been compression tested and inspected
for  any faulty
  parts. This engine has also been steam-washed and ready to be shipped.
In order to maintain our engines at top quality status we proudly apply Noxudol 700, a  Solvent Free
Rust Protection Chemical into each cylinder to protect them from rust.

Please make sure to talk with your mechanic or research on your car before purchasing
this item. We are not responsible if you buy the wrong item or the item doesn’t fit
your car.